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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

皆様 こんにちは、ようこそ

Hello and Welcome everyone

A little bit about me,
I started kigurumi back in 2009 with the support from friends. Soon after work sent me to Japan for a 3 year assignment. This gave me the chance to meet other kigurumi players in Japan and participate in related events in Japan. 

Why I started this blog,
It has been over 1.5years now, and with a remaining 1.5years I want to share my experience. Also compared with the rest of the world, most of the kigurumi players are in Japan. Due to the sheer number of kigurumi players in Japan there are almost events every week.

Also I want to provide some support for overseas and Japanese kigurumi players. As the language barrier maybe difficult creating tension and frustration. 

My Japanese is not the best, but I will try my best.

皆様 こんにちはようこそ





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